Siasia’s Mum, Freed By Kidnappers


Eighty-year-old Mrs Beauty Ogoere Siasia and two other kidnapped victims have narrated their ordeals after 10 weeks in kidnappers’ den.

The octogenarian who was set free alongside two other victims on Sunday morning by the kidnappers disclosed that they told her that her son, Samson Siasia is a millionaire that can pay ransom.

Speaking amid sobs, while being  surrounded by a jubilant crowd of residents of Odoni community in Sagbama Local Government Area, Mrs Siasia said she was given food and drugs by the kidnappers whenever they had food.

“There was a time that I was sick and they bought drugs for me. They cooked (food) and gave to me. They didn’t beat me. There were days that there was no food. Those days they drank garri and gave me garri to drink too. Sometimes, they cooked soup, prepared garri and we ate.”

On how they were released, Mrs Siasia said they kidnappers just told them in the morning that they have stayed for too long and they were free to go.

“But on Sunday, they told me we had stayed for too long and they were tired of our problem. They carried us in a flying boat and dropped us in a village. I don’t know the name of the village. They carried us to their chairman’s place. I don’t even know the man. As I am talking to you, I am not well. Before they took me I was not well. I want to go to the hospital. They built small house and use tarpaulin to cover the top. That was where they kept us.”

Another kidnapped victim, Mr Seiyefa Omonima lamented that the kidnappers were always beating him till they decided to release them.

“Where they kept us was very bad. I didn’t see anything there and I didn’t recognize anybody because before I got to the place, they blindfolded me. But the place was rough. We slept on benches. There was no foam. At times, they fed us with garri and beans.

We used oil to eat garri. Sometimes, they cooked yellow soup and any how they cooked it you will eat because you want to live. I was in a critical condition. They were fond of beating me, maybe because I am a man. They would beat me morning, afternoon and night. They would tie me before I sleep. Even if mosquitoes were biting me, I couldn’t chase them away. They kept four people to guide me. I suffered a lot.”

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