Reverend Father Ejikeme Mbaka is currently ministering. He said many things about Nigeria economy, looted fund and Nigerian soldiers. Though news about his sack from parish in Enugu, spread the internet last week, which we later find out the he was transferred not sacked.

This time, he (Mbaka) released another stunning Prophesy on president Buhari. Read below are some of the things he said….

1. Buhari’s administration will start bad but it will end well. According to him, everybody should start saving and invest. Many people may quit their job because their salary may not be enough for them.

2. He said people will start asking is this the government we voted for? According to him, there is no money in the country. The past administration looted Nigerian fund. He urged Nigerians to be patient that it will end well. It will be difficult for Buhari initially but he will make Nigerians happy at the end.

3. People who are trying to kill him or Buhari will not succeed. He said he saw many policemen around his premises. He did not know who sent them. When he interrogated them, they told him they were sent from Federal level because of an assassination plot report on his life they received from several sources.

4. He also spoke about our gallant soldiers who were sentenced to lifetime imprisonment for their refusal to fight Boko Haram. According to him,how will the soldiers fight the insurgents without being well equipped? Money meant to equip them was squandered by many politicians. He pleaded with President Buhari who is outside the country now to forgive the soldiers and grant them well. It is not their fault.

5. He also added that politicians who looted our funds should suffer. He urge Buhari to prosecute them. He prayed that God should please allow only corrupt people to be prosecuted.

7. He urged Nigerians to support Buhari. He prayed that God should protect him.

8. He also said something which I think is related to his purported transfer.He quoted some verses in the Bible where transfer leads to more upliftment. He gave an example with his sister who suffered several assaults in the hands of his former husband because of her inability to conceive. When another man wanted to marry her, the issue was disclosed to him. However,he insisted on marrying her because she attends Father Mbaka’s adoration ministry. After several years in the marriage,there was no sign of pregnancy. She later had a fibroid operation. Some years later, she gave birth to a triplet. Glory be to God!

9. He spoke about people who said he should concentrate only on church issues. He said he can not keep quiet when the masses are suffering. He asked that why is he a Father if he can’t speak out for the masses. According to him, he is shepherd. A shepherd can not be happy if his sheep are not. Rev. Mbaka said people who are criticizing him are the people that have collected bribe. He revealed that they may have financial and political power but his power (God’s power) is more than them.

10. He decried the level of unemployment in Nigeria caused by former administration. He gave example with doctors who now struggle to get a place for housemanship. He has to employ one doctor the other time because of unemployment in Nigeria.