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Igbos NOW have a Voice.  Enter and Igbolive, The Newspaper.


Published in Owerri & New York City by McLord News Networks, MNN…   Igbolive, The Newspaper & are like no other. With Reporters in 116 out of Nigeria’s 774 local governments and 15 major cities of Alaigbo, they have the widest reach than any Igbo publication ever.


Round the Clock, 24/7, we serve you with a plateful of media delicacies. There are “What The Media Said About Igbos” “Ilu Igbo”  “Properties For Sale” “Current Prices of items in Alaigbo”  “Candid Camera” “Campus News” “Crossfire” “Strictly For Laughs” “What’s Up Igbo-American?” Igbo Europe, Alaigbo Now & Before, Intrepid Editorials, Press Conference, “Hottest Spot in Town” etc. to choose from. When news of Igbo interest breaks, you can be rest assured that our reporters who are local, and know the nooks, crannies and terrain of their local governments, will not just report the news, but will give you details of why and how it happened, from Igbo perspectives.


We are absolutely & fiercely INDEPENDENT with attachment or affiliation to no one, lobby, pressure, interest group, institution, political party, organization, entity, government or agency which gives us the intrepidity to report news OBJECTIVELY, UNCENSORED, UNRETOUCHED, UNCANNED, UNBLEMISHED.


We cover happy as well as sad events–Marriage, Death, Graduation, Burial, Baby Shower, Chieftaincy Installation, etc. When you book your coverage in USA or Europe Igbos, both home & Diaspora will watch it in or read it in Igbolive, The Newspapers at home. Also available is Live Streaming if needed, for Igbos worldwide to watch it live.


Not ready to advertise? Just place that your event in any of our 3 Calendars-Igbo USA, Igbo Worldwide & Alaigbo Calendars complete with Eke, Orie, Afor, Nkwo Market days. You will be amazed how many people will see it.


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Together, We Capture the Essence of Alaigbo Worldwide

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